Trendy upcycled furniture company - EN23

About us

The Studio EN twentythree is the brainchild of Product Designer Edoardo Navarra. In 2016 he decided to put into practice everything he’d learned at IED as well important lessons from the world of work; such as Luceplan, where he worked in the Feasibility Study and Product Development Department and was able to help and assist affirmed designers to implement their latest ideas.

We “made” creative recycled furnishings, the result is a range of complementary furniture designed, projected and produced in Italy by the brand EN twentythree.

Our targets are enthusiasts and hobbyists who want to be surround by what they love: what distracts them from the real world.


All our products are based on the concept of passionate enthusiasms and hobbies. They are the result of a search for original objects to upcycle; collectable items that are often rare or entirely unique. For this reason, and because our hard-to-find materials are particularly subject to market availability, all EN twentythree products are numbered. A study, a design and a made-to-measure project are carried out for each product.

Thanks to the creative and engineering skills of the EN twentythree team, the original purpose of each upcycled object is radically transformed into a blend of functionality and innovation that creates designer complementary furniture.

All our products are manufactured in italian, precision workshops by craftsmen, or implementing limited-number production methods.


We reuse second-hand, worn out objects and give them another chance. Thanks to us, they are born again, but still conserve their original character and age. To help conserve the memory of their past even better, we have decided to give our products the names of their original owners.

The raw materials we use are treated to last, and to conserve and enhance their original characteristics.

Our objective is to not overwhelm the upcycled objects with our projects: the object itself is precisely what leverages each product.


EN twentythree can create a product from an object of your personal choice, according to your own needs.

It doesn’t matter if it is a rare, collectable or not; what counts is that you are fond of it. In this way, you will never have to leave the things you care about in a garage or drawer again. You can give them the chance to be transformed into unique and functional design objects.